• Utilizing over 150 years
    combined experience in the
    manufacturing of the highest
    quality electrical motor brushes

Buckeye Molded Products Inc. is a Midwestern based manufacturer of premium electrical/mechanical components for a worldwide market that exceed customer expectations for performance and value.

Carbon-graphite materials contain various proportions of carbon and graphite mixed with a binder, usually coal tar pitch, molded under pressure and baked or sintered.


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Metal grades are composed of more than 75% metal, principally copper or alloys of copper. Metal and metal-graphite brushes pass a large amount of current to moving parts.


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Speciality brushes are made to conquer unique challenges our clients might be facing. Bi-molded and total custom assemblies are available and are made from the highest quality materials.


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About Us

Buckeye Molded Products, Inc. was formed with the goal of utilizing over 150 years combined experience in the manufacturing of the highest quality electrical motor brushes. Our team of engineers and scientists work closely with our customers to develop the best solutions for their specific motor application and contact needs. We specialize in carbon, copper-graphite, silver-graphite, bi-molded, and custom-made brushes and contacts. These all are manufactured in the most cost-effective manner to exceed customer requirements for performance and longevity.

In December of 2013 Buckeye Molded Products became a division of Ohio Carbon Industries, Inc. The two companies worked closely together for many years, but the combination of talents and abilities under the OCI corporate umbrella has facilitated vertical integration and concentric diversification further allowing the company to reach the highest level of customer service and product offering.

Buckeye Molded Products is in conformance with ISO 9001:2008 Standard and has successfully implemented a Management System which has been registered by Alliance International Registrar, LLC.
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